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pending time in a Disney Theme Park offers a special kind of happiness that we call Disney Magic. Whether Yellow Passholders visit on their own or with family and friends, the experience of being in a Disney Theme Park is unparalleled.

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Block-Out Dates

Yellow Passholders may use their Passes most days of the year. However, use of certain admission is restricted on Company-designated block-out dates. When planning your visit, be sure to choose one of the many dates when you can use your Disney Theme Park admission at the park(s) of your choice.

To view block-out dates prior to your theme park visit, visit blockoutdates.disney.com.

Block-out dates may change at any time, and Passholders are responsible for checking updated information prior to their theme park visit. Please visit blockoutdates.disney.com for updates or call toll-free 855-706-2516.

On blockoutdates.disney.com, dates with the following listed:

means that Yellow Passes are not valid on this day.



Yellow Pass privileges are subject to change or cancellation at any time and may not be purchased, sold, auctioned, used as a prize or incentive, used as compensation or to provide customer service or bartered or exchanged for anything of value, including, but not limited to: cash, gift cards, meals, other theme park tickets, or gas. Solicitation to engage in such activities is also prohibited. Yellow Pass usage is monitored. Violations of the usage guidelines of the Yellow Pass, the applicable rules and regulations of the theme park or other complimentary admission policies or other abuse with respect to the Yellow Pass privilege may result in loss of the privilege.
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